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Danesh Parto NaghshJahan Company

The company manufactures spare parts of the world the light of the copper alloy used in the steel industry of oil and petrochemical industries, railway and shipbuilding industries are cement.

Danesh Parto Naghsh Jahan Company

DaneshParto-e NaghsheJahanis a company with record of service about 20 years. This company continues its activity on the subject of producing industrial sections in two branches; molding copper based metal and professional engineering of industrial sections.

 In Iran as the first time, making the main sections as KT Cooling and Oxygen Lance carefully with high quality   in different dimensions related to steel making of FooladMobarake Co. 

  This can emphasizes the abilities of DaneshParto-e NaghsheJahan Co.We hope that we will have a role, although an insignificant role at Iran industry development by leaning on knowledge and expert knowledge and equipment and possibilities of this company. Quality and customer satisfy are the main points of our company.

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